BEAUTY | Kylie Jenner Lips

10:00 am

Kylie's Jenner's big lips have been the subject of a lot of media attention lately, she's even made a special request for people to change the subject! Well then stop posting vague pictures of your plump lips on twitter for millions of people to see only to delete them a few seconds later. Weird attention-seeking behaviour aside, some of us are born with huge luscious lips and some of us aren't. And some get botox injected into their lips! A few years ago Kylie Jenner didn't look like Kylie Jenner circa now, so don't feel bad. It costs hundreds of dollars, a professional beautician and stylist, a personal trainer, and a hella strict diet to look this good. Just a bit of a reality check for anyone who thinks this is normal. But thanks to a few simple makeup tricks we can all have full lips, read more for details!


HOLIDAYS | 5 Easy Christmas Cocktail Recipes

11:09 am

Christmas is not for a few more days, but I mean... everyone is already drinking and eating like calories don't exist - I don't care what nutritionists say they don't in December. They just don't. So we decided to compile five of the yummiest and easiest xmas cocktail recipes for your festive and party needs! I don't know about you but I feel like if you serve a cocktail in a mason jar then it has to be healthy... At least that's how I've conditioned myself and I'm fine with that. Enjoy girls but drink responsibly! Love the Stelly team x x x


HOLIDAY | Christmas Gift Guide

1:23 pm

Stelly is here to take care of your xmas shopping needs, whether it's last minute gifts, stocking fillers or secret santa... this is our under $30 gift guide! See more for product details. Love the Stelly team x x x


STYLE | Taylor Swift

10:00 am

Taylor Swift is the new queen of pop and AND the two piece set - ah let's face it she's the queen of everything right now. We could post a hundred pictures of her feminine, 40s-inspired style but we're obsessed with her crop and high waisted skirt look. Stelly has all the right treats for you to - ahem shake it off - get Taylor's look this summer... click here for all the inspiration you need to shop the look!

SHOP THE LOOK | Bohemian Vibes

3:13 pm

The season of festivals is upon us and we have all of the essentials to keep you look babin' all summer long! Since I started working at Stelly my fondness for bohemian-inspired fashion has seeped through their social media channels... but now it has taken full form in this week's latest look book. Think floral dresses, metallic flash tattoos, wide brim floppy hats, flower crowns and high waisted denim! A lot of people adopt this style of fashion strictly for popular festivals - which is kind of ironic because 'boho style's' roots come from a counter culture movement in France. After the revolution many artists could no longer rely on the wealth of the patronage, so they adopted a nomadic lifestyle wearing unfashionable or used items. Style became a form of creativity and movable art for these craftsmen, eventually evolving into a cult of personality. Fast track a few hundred years and what was once a counter culture has been embraced my mainstream culture. You wonder is 'bohemianism' still even a viable term? Probably not but it's an inspiring and beautiful style of fashion, flattering for all body shapes and women of different ages. When I get up in the morning all I want to do is throw on a colourful maxi skirt, a crochet halter and a fringed kimono! Click here to shop the Bohemian Vibes look!

celebrity facts

CELEBRITY | 10 Facts About Chris Hemsworth You Didn't Know!

10:53 am

Chris Hemsworth has been crowned sexiest man alive by People magazine this year, and we can't really blame them. With his blonde hair, blue eyes and 6'2" of pure manliness we agree! But what have been his finest moments up until this new title for the 32-year old Aussie actor? Here are ten facts about the ultimate Hemsworth brother (and the hottest we think) you NEED to know!

ariana grande

FASHION | Florals

10:00 am

Florals are such a great go-to to brighten up your wardrobe and add some colour to your outfit. It can be a feminine day vibe you're going for with a cute babydoll dress and wedges. You can go for a casual street style look with a floral maxi and your favourite Birkenstocks. The festival look with a pair of muddy shoes and playsuit. Or a night time look with sophisticated dress and a pair of black peep toes. Or if you're going for a more edgy grunge look pair a dark print, a waist belt and moto boots. Check out our florals post for all the celeb inspiration you'll need and how to get the look with the latest Stelly treats x x x

hall of the high score

SHOP THE LOOK | Hall Of The High Score

12:52 pm

For our Hall of the Highscore look book we wanted to channel your inner Harajuku girl. She's quirky and cute with her mix prints and playful style. She combines a bold pink lip with pale florals and kitten heels. Life's too short to be serious and wear boring clothes... go crazy in our latest treats and be a winner this summer! Shop the look here!


Inspiration | San Giorgio Mykonos

10:00 am

True – Authentic – Simple – Today’s travellers expect more than just the standardised comfort and convenience, they are looking for a true and authentic experience. People are not seeking for luxury in a traditional definition anymore. The word luxury is overused and irrelevant since talk of luxury has become cheap. People have had enough of pretension unreasonable demands. Today sophisticated travellers are looking for the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves. | San Giorgio Mykonos

When I'm choosing the perfect getaway I'm looking for a place where I can meet like-minded people, a place with breath taking weather, with culture and soul whether it be a warming surprise or a disturbing shock to the system... a place to get in touch with mother nature. In other words, a stimulating unknown paradise for the free spirit on a wild adventure. When I stumbled onto this boutique rustic hotel a few years ago I fell in love with the minimalist shabby chic rooms, the outdoor showers amidst the Aegean sea, the idea of salty moon-lit swims, and the peace that comes with lounging in a hammock under the glorious Mediterranean sun. Unfortunately this kind of paradise comes with a hefty price! I'll have to get my wanderlust fix elsewhere where the cheap sangria nights are aplenty and the rooms are cheap - but not so cheap the make shift door doesn't close and the sheets aren't infected with the last traveller's lice... been there. Until then I'll be dreaming about the white sand beaches and the salty perfume that blows through the West coast of Greece.

look book

Shop The Look | The Urban Look Book

10:00 am

The Urban Look is for the city girl that doesn't want to dress like the norm or fit in with the masses. She wants to mix things up and make a statement. She pairs a roomy denim jacket with a studded black bag and a white summery playsuit. She'll wear a sequin crop with a high waisted mini skirt and heels in broad daylight because well why not. Check out all our other latest treats now if you love wearing black and white maxis, gold waist belts, floral crops, and grungey accessories.

clean eat

FOOD | Health and Fitness

10:00 am

This week we thought we'd take a break from our usual calorie overload dessert recipes and inspire you with a health and fitness post. We all suffer from "I'll start exercising tomorrow" syndrome but there's no better feeling than waking up early for a morning workout and fuelling your body with nourishing food. When you've got the perfect balance between fitness and diet you feel happier, healthier... and try as they might you no one can shake off your energetic lust for life. Try a yoga class and stretch out all those muscles you've forgotten about, experiment with a guilty free delicious recipe, or run down the beach before everyone else is awake. Starting a fitness routine sounds so daunting because we get sucked into thinking we can't eat these things anymore and we have to exercise everyday. But that's far from the truth! It's all about balancing what's good for your body with what you enjoy doing. There's one thing I could never give up, and that's lying on the beach on a beautiful sunny day with a paper bag of salty chips and fresh lime.

STYLE | Gigi Hadid

10:00 am

We love Gigi Hadid's style, her relaxed chic look made up of stripes, basics and ripped jeans are the true essentials of a Stelly girl. You don't always need an extravagant colourful piece to pull off your day look or an elegant long gown to make your night look work... take a leaf out of this mega babe's book and pair one of our cute crops with a pair of patterned shorts. And with the season of festivals on its way we have all the right treats for you to make the most of this summer.

Shop The Look | The Races Look Book

3:11 pm

It's that exciting time of the year where you and your friends dress up in your elegant long dresses, big hats and peep toes for a day out at the races. The sun's out, you've got your fresh glass of bubbly, and whether or not you're betting on a horse you're screaming anyway. The Stelly team have got all the right treats for you to look your most amazing self on the day so shop the look now before it's too late!


BEAUTY | Day Of The Dead Makeup Tutorial

1:23 pm

Halloween is upon us again and what better way to embrace the scary season than dressing up in the style of Dia de Los Muertos! Otherwise known as The Day of the Dead, an Aztec ritual dating back to three-thousand years ago. While we don black and listen to solemn music to honour the dead, in Mexico people visit the cemetery where their loved ones rest and dance around in wooden skull masks. The grave stones are decorated with marigolds, candles, and toys are left for deceased children and tequila for the adults. While we see death as the end of life they embrace it as the continuation. This ritual actually occurs in early November but it works hand-in-hand with the night of Hallows don't you think? So now that you know a bit about the history  you can learn how to do the make-up with this easy DIY tutorial! Let us know how it goes with a comment below, love the Stelly team x x x

What you'll need:
♥ White face paint
♥ Sponge
♥ Eyeshadow in the colour of your choice
♥ A darker share of colour
♥ Emergency face wipes
♥ Gems
♥ Fake eyelashes and glue
♥ Floral crown (optional)


INSPIRATION | The Season of Renewed Life

10:00 am

I love spring, because it brings a vibe of renewed life. It’s like the seasons tell it’s own story: through brokenness, you can still become renewed again. Lose the person you used to be, and start over.B Desvarieu. Why do we love Spring? The ocean is heating up and you can enjoy those glorious days just lying in the sun and catching up on your tan. You can leave the windows open to let the warm floral air in. Eat a delicious meal outside with family and friends. Show off your rad mermaid braiding skills now that it's too hot to have your hair down. It's that time of the year you can clean out your home and wardrobe and start afresh.  Maybe it's a time to go exploring, take a drive down the coast, and wander into new territory. Lie in the grass with a book or fall asleep in the sun in the arms of the one you love. We love how the seasons change and in their own way breathe new life into our daily routines... or make us want to throw our routines out the window! Is there something you enjoy the most about Spring? If so, drop a comment below!

 Love the Stelly team x x x


RECIPES | Nutella-Swirled Vanilla Ice Cream with Reese's-Style Chunks

10:00 am

Oh my god we found the easiest ice-cream recipe in the world that combines Nutella and Peanut Butter. Words can't adequately describe how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's not exactly great timing with summer coming soon and all, but meh! We all love eating ice-cream at watching our favourite TV shows on a Thursday Night. Every night... No judgements here.


FASHION | October Stelly Girls

10:00 am

We love it when we see you girls share your outfits online! We get a glimpse into the Stelly girl and how you babes add your own personal touch to our pieces. Every month we'll be doing a post of all our favourite style pics so make sure to share your outfits of the day and tag it with #stellyclothing. You just might end up in our next feature! Love the Stelly team x x x

STYLE | Blake Lively

10:00 am

Blake Lively is a beautiful young woman who's developed into a role model for young and old women alike, a style icon, a talented actress, and now a soon-to-be-mum! We've watched her style evolve over the last few years all the way back from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and we just love the undertones of bohemian chic combined with high fashion labels. Check out her best dressed moments and how to get the look with our Stelly favourites!

DIY | Mermaid Braid

10:00 am

Just because you aren't a kid anymore doesn't mean you're too old for braids... the mermaid braid is a really sophisticated day-to-day look and an absolute staple for spring and summer. We prowled the internet for the best hair inspiration and these babes absolutely rock it. And are making us super jealous that we don't have long, luscious hair (yet)! Whether you're walking down the street, on a romantic new date, hanging out at the beach, making a fool of yourself on the dance floor, or jumping up and down at a festival... this hair style is a winner for any occasion. Check out this easy hair tutorial from oncewed, you won't be in front of the mirror for hours and it won't require 10 million bobby pins.


GET THE LOOK | New York Fashion Week

10:00 am

It's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York at the moment and we've noticed a lot of black and white popping up. The monochrome trend is definitely on the way in but was it really ever out of the fashion world? It's a timeless combination that's effortlessly chic and sophisticated... it's something anybody can pull off. Have you got any of these Stelly staples in your wardrobe? 

Images from Tumblr


TREND | Leaf Print

12:19 pm


Click on each item to shop it!

Going crazy for leaf prints! Banana leaf, palm trees and earthy plants. One of the biggest trends for Spring / Summer so snap up something leafy while it's all the rage!


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