Thursday, 29 September 2016


Spring is the time for flowers, brunches with the girls, long weekends and of course, RACES! 
Stelly Clothing has got you covered this race season with so many options, you won't be left behind!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Relatable moments w/ the Kardashians xx

Not everyone is a fan of the Kardashian family, and that's perfectly fine that you aren't, but I for one, think that we can all (sorta) relate to them in a way. Sure, we don't own multiple mansions, have a body like theirs, or even a Range Rover, but there are times when we just 'get it'.

Khloe just telling us how it is. 

We know not to cry when wearing makeup.
(the importance and time it took to do your makeup that morning, don't ever let someone make you look like a wet mess!) 

The sight of PDA makes you kinda cringe
(could be because you are either 100% single, 100% petty, or 50/50)

We have all been guilty of saying this when we're at a family party....

And since I'm quite Khloe biased, she does have a good point:


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Thursday, 14 July 2016


Wanting to look like a sun kissed goddess is a hard thing, but thankfully with the help of highlighter, illuminator and your favourite bronzer + blush duo, we can always bring colour to our pale faces this winter. And to look like you've carried the sun around with you, check out our Pinterest board, for all your makeup tricks and tips (for even a range of skin tones as well!) C'mon check it!

But the true key to having a glow, is to start from the inside then work outside. 

First, eat the right food (and even if it's healthy, it doesn't mean you're stuck to vegetables!)

(Winter Bliss Bowls) 

Winter bliss bowls! Bliss bowls are trendy itself, but these are especially for winter, and are vegetarian and vegan friendly! Now, we don't suggest this is the only thing to eat to make you glow, but it's good to have a good amount of your suggested food groups in your diet on a regular basis! 
(As we all know, winter makes us eat more anyway!) Find out more on how to make these badass bowls here

Secondly, is to get fit.

Going outside when the weather feels like it has intentions to tear you apart is not an ideal day for any individual, but as you know, 'SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN WINTER!' So here are some easy ways to get fit in the space and warmth of your own home! And you don't need to pay a monthly rate for just simple exercises! 

You can find more of these on our Pinterest! Just follow us, and you'll have a lifetime amount of things to browse and get your mind on!