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Summer time is special time for everyone. It's either you want to be outside at the beach, or inside relaxing with the A/C on full blast -- there is no in between.

Going to the beach is mandatory. No matter what anyone says, the beach is where it's at in summer time! Whether you like going when it's peaking at 30 degrees, or like to lay low when the clouds are out, you will without a doubt, enjoy your time there! So what do you wear to the beach? Other than your bikini (of course, duh), you need to be fully equiped with the essentials.

A set is the perfect outfit to wear as it's easy, comfortable and cute! If a set is not your thing, you can definitely op for a cute casual dress (plus, it does make jumping into the water faster!) But what you must have at the beach are cute accessories! Think beyond the sunglasses this time, and bring in the vibes with a portable music player! Not only is it light-weight, but it's easy enough to use! And bring along this pouch, to keep the wet from the dry! 

Organising a weekend away with friends or family is the perfect summer escape! It means you get to not only explore, but you get to just relax and chill with no worries. Anyway, everyone loves a good house party right?!

Wearing a playsuit means comfort! You get to easily lounge, dress minimal and know that every day finding an outfit is effortless! Just pick one up, put it on, and you're good to go!

Taking a good drive with friends is always a fun way to get around and explore! Especially if the car you're in has the A/C on, with cool beats in the background! Going on road trips allows you the time and opportunity to make more memories in the summer, and gives you the chance to actually take time away from the heat of the city, and out into the breezy air! 

Denim skirts and bodysuits are a good way to get around! 

And nonetheless, YOU NEED SUNGLASSES! The sun is no joke! Protect yourself, with sunglasses and sunscreen all the time! 


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