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It's that time of the year where you are suddenly getting emails from your subject coordinators, welcoming you to a semester that hasn't even started yet. It's also the time of the year where you suddenly get FOMO because you remember about all those events you couldn't go to, because now you remember that once classes starts, you'll have to sadly tell your friends you will have 'no time'.

This is a sad life of a student.

But despite how tragic our schedules will become, at least you can be fashionably prepared! And Stelly has you covered! 

If you're the girl who loves to wear jeans, sneakers and a cute top, Stelly offers an amazing range of jeans valued from $49+. Now, if you think about it, if you go to any other store, they will be bumping up prices up to $150 or so, and I don't know about you, but for me, I would just stand there in the changing rooms and think, 'I can get at least three pairs of pants for this much...' 

(L-R: Harriet - High waisted jeans - Walk with me - Ripped boyfriend jeans) 

Even if the weather will get warmer, you would always need an essential jacket! Denim is such a statement material for a jacket, as it will look better every time you wear it, however a bomber jacket is probably the next best thing - you get to look cool and edgy, what more do you want?! 
(L-R: Harriot denim jacket -  Kyles bomber jacket)

Depending on what you study, I am sure that at one point you will be needing a 'presentation' dress, or an 'interview' dress. This is the dress that shows that you're some serious business! But let's try and walk away from the generic blue collar aesthetic, and channel something more modern and sleek! 

(L-R Cocktails with Khloe dress - Prue ribbed dress)

It won't be too long into the semester when you suddenly get a FB invite to a university party or a friends night out! And when that time comes, you best know where to go, and what to wear! Because like many of our plans during the semester, everything is spontaneous, so you would definitely need to get express shipping right?! 

(L - R: Ciara Rose sequin playsuit - Katherine frill playsuit)

Walking into a dreadful morning class, while running late and wearing gym clothes is a total nightmare for any girl who frequently puts on makeup on a daily basis! With no time to do anything, all you need are some trusty sunglasses, that will not only hide your eye bags, but will also make you look like a celebrity who just came out of the gym (guaranteed!) 

Note: if you have a RBF, I suggest you smile a bit, because these sunglasses alone can provide all the attitude you need ;) 

(Shop Quay Eyewear!)

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